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Bob Marley By Steven Davis

From the author who brought you "Reggae Bloodlines" and "Hammer of the Gods," the definitive bio of Bob Marley.

Paperback. 286 pages.

Bob Marley In His Own Words

By Ian McCann. The story of the spiritual leader of reggae music is told in his own words, through quotes arranged by subject. Illustrated.

Great book! A staff favorite!

Bob Marley A Rebel Life

Written by Dennis Morris. Nineteen years after his death, Bob Marley is still the undisputed king of reggae. In this book, Morris celebrates this great performer who reached past stardom to become a spiritual avatar to millions of people. 150 photos, 50 in color.

Bob Marley Soul Rebel

The stories behind every Bob Marley song, 1962-1981. The songs which make up Bob Marley's incredible legacy convey elements of his social background and his religious and political experience. Former 'Billboard' reggae correspondent Maureen Sheridan delves into the characters, themes and stories from the first of Marley's releases up to his untimely death in 1981.

144 pages; tons of color photos; chronology, discography & index.





Bob Marley Marley and Me

Marley And Me: The Real Bob Marley Story told by his manager Don Taylor. Bob Marley's tragic death in 1981 left the world in mourning. Since that terrible day the myths and legends which surround his life have continued to grow. Only one man knows the real truth. That man is Don Taylor, Bob Marley's manager, friend, and confidant. Now, in this astonishing and brilliantly written book, Taylor tells Marley's story with a deep affection and a simple, direct honesty which makes this book indispensible for anyone who is interested in this towering figure of world music.

Bob Marley 56 Thoughts

Bob Marley began writing lyrics in the early 1960¹s and he continued to produce them until his death in 1981. Critics have called these songs the best of the millennium. Yet, few readers have ever read Marley¹s magic on the page. For the first time, his eldest daughter Cedella has made a selection of her father¹s most prophetic and personal poems, insights, and conversational messages. Here are meditations to soothe the soul and thoughts to penetrate the mind. Here too is an encapsulated life of Bob Marley, the man. In his spare writings we can see the ebb and flow of his journey as an artist and a humanitarian. Packaged for purse and pocket, this collection is sure to find a place in everyone¹s heart.

Bob Marley The Boy from Nine Mile

Alive with the vivid colors of Jamaica, The Boy from Nine Miles begins in the small village where Nesta Robert Marley opened his eyes to the world. The story moves to the markets and streets of Kingston. Here, separated from his family, the five-year-old boy first felt the pain and sorrows of poverty. During his year-long stay in Kingston, the young Marley also found the music that was in his heart. By the time he returned to Nine Miles, he knew he would be a singer.

Bob Marley Reggae King

Produced in Jamaica by Jamaican authors with a profound understanding of the artist and his life, this book pays tribute to reggae superstar Bob Marley, the man who brought Jamaican music to the world. Illustrated with over 300 photographs, it contains interviews with many who were close to Marley and includes a complete discography and a journal of Marley’s world tours. By Malika Lee Whitney and Dermott Hussey. 208 pages, over 300 color and black-and-white photographs, size: 8 7/8 X 11 7/8". Smythe-sewn paperbound book.





Bob Marley Bookmarks

You wouldn't be complete without this great set of bookmarks. Set come with 2 bookmarks

Bob Marley Catch A Fire- The Life of Bob Marley

Bob Marley, reggae superstar and pop culture icon, left an indelible mark on modern music. Catch a Fire: The Life of Bob Marley delves deep into the life of the lionized leader of a musical, spiritual, and political explosion that still reverberates more than a decade after his death. Almost nothing pertaining to the life of Bob Marley is left out; the origins of Rastafarianism (the Ethiopian religion that was the keystone of his life), the roots of the reggae sound, the Jamaican political and social debacle that informed his lyrics--this is a comprehensive account of the life of the artist and the times that produced him.




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